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Development of a website SE-optimized - ihelp.cl

seo modx creation

  • 5000+ requests

    More than 5000 clients' applications.

  • 4 offices

    In Santiago were established 4 offices in a year.

For iHelp in 2016, SEO-Focus has developed a website that offers electronic repair services: mobile phones / smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. electronic devices. IHelp is a start-up company that, less than 1 year after the website was ready, received 5000+ requests for its services and opened three offices in Santiago with the help of SEO-Focus and its own AdWords campaign. The site is built on a customized HTML template with thoughtful usability and a convenient way to receive applications. Optimizing the "Standard" level allows the site to receive an increasing amount of traffic from google.cl.

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Corporate website

Client: iHelp Santiago

Website: ihelp.cl

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