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Stages of promotion and work with us

By: Roman Kondrashov

Complete cycle.

1. The preliminary stage of SEO.

Via our feedback form or a phone call, you inform us of you want to optimize and promote your website. All we need are the URL address of your site and your budget limits.

2. Audit and keyword research.

You inform what queries would you like to be in the TOP-10 of Google, and we form a more complete semantic core - the backbone of keywords that will move the site. For example, companies like SEO-Focus, the keywords which we want to see in the TOP-10 results will be "seo" or "website promotion". This stage is preceded by the site audit, in which we include the fees of our services (including for chosen keywords).

3. Optimize text for search engines.

Work on internal (on-page) factors including the keyword density on a page, the number of characters on the page, the presence of headings, numbered lists and the number of relevant pages. The vast majority of authors of "original" site are not familiar with the requirements of search engines. We fill these gaps. Preliminarily, we install specific tools on the site to identify its traffic and analyze competitors' sites which are already ranked in the TOP.

This stage involves the optimization of the text and changing the content of these requests to include the basis of SEO (promotion, optimization).

4. They will write about you.

Site promotion by external factors, such as placing links to your site from a third party (preferably topical) resources. In the past, this item could be the only one in internet marketing. Now, this strategy does not work and may even cause harm.

5. Contextual ads.

Pay-per-click advertising is an effective satellite of SEO. However, the same effect can be achieved for a higher fee. The combination of contextual advertising and search engine optimization brings good results!

6. Social networks.

Next the aim is to attract traffic, creating social network activity. Classical promotion of SEO-Focus includes some aspects of social media marketing (SMM): Facebook, Twitter etc. By this we mean the basic elements: a full-scale promotion in social networks should be ordered separately.

7. Maintaining results achieved.

Monitoring the attractiveness of the site. Competitors are not asleep, the algorithms of search engines are changing daily and your donors, who are giving weight to your site, can leave the game. Therefore items 1-6 cannot be completed 100%.

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