Pay-per-click advertising

Google Ads

PPC (pay-per-click) ads are shown by Google
based on individual user's interests and what they typed in the search box
or what websites they visited. The ads are then relevant to the subjects searched..

In Chile, the main platform for the placement
of such advertising is Google Ads.

  • Keywords research

    Choosing the most appropriate keywords. Based on the capabilities of the client, cost per click and click-through-rate, we select words with the highest possible conversion leads (high likelihood of the client achieving the desired action on the website such as the purchase of goods or services).

  • Landing page development

    Developing a page that a user who clicked an ad, in Google Search or in the Google Advertising Network, will visit. The main goal of a landing page is to encourage the visitor to make an order in the online shop, fill out a form or make a phone call.

  • Creating ads

    Your ad should be attractive to potential customers, i.e. clickable. To do this, use the marketing methods and opportunities with specific advertising platform such as Google Ads.

  • Setting up tracking system

    To understand how effective our campaign of contextual advertising is, we set up and configure a system that collects information about users of the site. As in Chile the vast majority of users use Google, we set up a system of Universal Analytics from Google.

  • Launching Ads campagn and monitoring

    Configure the days of week and the times when to show our Google Adwords ads, configuring other settings. Transfer money to your account and run the ads displaying and be able to monitor errors and visits to the site.

  • Analysis and adjustments

    Over time, we analyze the collected data to adjust the settings, ads and effectiveness of the selected keywords. Use the data to add new keywords, remove inefficient ones, or compose new ads.

Google Ads

When posting these kinds of ads you pay for each click
on a link, that moves a user to a seller
of goods/services. As a rule, the cost of contextual advertisement
is included in the price of promotion but may be ordered separately.
It is important that such ads are displayed directly to relevant users
that really need the goods and services offered.