Search engine optimization

A comprehensive approach to the promotion of websites

Increase your sales!

Boost sales by attracting prospecting buyers to your website

As it happens at the beginning:

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When specialists work:

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  • Comprehensive approach

    We are 100% engaged in both off-Page search engine optimization and in direct editing and copywriting of a site, which distinguishes us from our competitors and helps reduce the cost of your customers' attraction.

  • Variety of techniques used

    We use all the tools - SEO, PPC and SMM - for an explosive growth in sales.

  • Work with love

    We do not overtask our specialists, so we always have a great result. We just love our work.

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  • Reporting

    We make sure you're aware of what we did during the reporting period. Figures, tables and graphs - all in order to make you feel that the promotion is working around the clock and your money isn’t being wasted.

  • Speed

    We always find a compromise between the timing and quality of our work.

  • Liability

    We provide constant attention to your site: adding content, updating engines, controlling the availability and speed of loading pages.

SEO - who needs it?

Website promotion and SEO are suitable for the vast majority of subjects with the exception of those keywords which are requests in factual information (not commercial). To find the keywords and find out whether they are commercial, fill in the form.

To reach the TOP of search engines.

The objectives of the promotion of websites are to be the first in the search engines and increase the number of visitors to your resource. By search engines we mean Google, Bing and other far less popular search engines. Is it the ultimate goal of a commercial organization? No, it is a tool to increase your company's profits.

That is the №1 purpose of SEO and site promotion is... increase sales by attracting potential customers to your site.

Use all means to get visitors.

  1. Classical site promotion.
    1. Work with internal factors (optimization of texts, structure and site usability).
    2. Work with external factors (linking to your resource from other sites).
  2. Contextual ads.
  3. Promotion in social networks.

SEO — how fast is it?

Depending on the complexity of the promotion, the competition of the query, the first results can be in just 30 days. We don’t recommended pursuing an instant lift to the TOP, as it will be followed by an equally rapid collapse and even sanctions from Google. To overcome this will cost a lot more money and effort. Breakthrough to the top should not be provided due to the "black SEO" (cheat behavioral factors, bulk purchase of low-quality links, etc.),but due to the systematic work on the resource. In most queries, a stable result of promotion is achieved in 3-7 months.

Maintaining results achieved

First, in every business there are competitors who also want to be in the top and get more customers with their own website. Secondly, the search engines do not stand still, changes in the algorithms of their work are made almost daily, that does not guarantee stability of a site in the search results. Therefore, in the competitive field you should continue promotion constantly, keeping the site in the relevant state.

If you already have a website, we first need to audit it with such parameters as the age of domain, download speed, relevance and spam rating of meta tags (title, description and so on),the presence of duplicate pages.

Our prices

Each website and business niche is individual and unique. Therefore, it is not easy to propose a clear price of your project without having examined it. However, in order for you to superficially assess your own financial capacity, we have compiled an approximate prices grid.